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This version of Megalodon is much bigger then the real counterpart and it's relative the great white. It is a very powerful monster that was frozen in ice with the Giant Octopus for 10 million years. But then the ice melts and they are both free. They start to attack many places such as San Francisco, an oil plate and more. Later both fight to the death but Mega shark won. In the next movie it meets Crocosaurus, a giant crocodile. Unlike the first battle, it ended with Mega shark and Crocosaurus falling into a volcano.


Mega shark like a great white but is much larger. It seems to be invulnerable to missiles and other weapons. Despite being big he can jump really high and can even attack planes! (Your not safe anywhere)


In Mega shark vs Crocosaurus, their sizes are very inconsistent ranging to the size of a submarine, to the size of Godzilla or larger! In Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus Mega shark is a nuclear reactor after swallowing a bomb (Copy-cat) Which is suspiciously similar to Burning Godzilla.

The famous plane death!Edit

The greatest movie scene ever? - Mega Shark vs

The greatest movie scene ever? - Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus!