Deinosuchus was a giant relative to the Crocodile that

lived in north America and lived in the Cretacious period. Crocosaurus was much bigger then Deinosuchus. Crocosaurus was first discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when an illegal diamond mining operation was taking place. Nigel Putnum (Gary stretch) tranquilized Crocosaurus and brought him to a shipping yard, to be brought onto a cargo ship. 400 miles south of Florida the same cargo ship that held Crocosaurus was attacked by Mega Shark, causing Crocosaurus to wake up. The submarine USS Argonaut is sent to get Crocosaurus eggs and lure Crocosaurus aswell as Mega shark (because Crocosaurus eggs are Mega shark's favorite food) They both instinctively swim to the eggs and they battle it out! Later on a helicopter tries to shoot a nuclear bomb at them, But it misses and Mega-shark eats it, causing him to become a nuclear reactor. (Copy-cats!) Crocosaurus invades Hawaii, Apparently because of this a helicopter crashed and the sonic emitter they had triggered one of Hawaii's volcanos! It erupts, sending Crocosaurus and Mega shark (Yeah showed up at Hawaii to) And kills Crocosaurus' babies aswell as her babies' babies. Crocosaurus and Mega-shark both latched on the each other's tail fall into the volcano and die.


Crocosaurus' size is very inconsistent, ranging from the size of a submarine to the size of Godzilla and maybe even larger!